Comprehensive training course for obtaining a certificate of a commercial pilot of an airplane with
instruments rating with a qualification mark about the class of a multi-engine piston aircraft - CPL
(A) / IR + MEP (L) - Commercial Pilot License (Airplane) with Intsrument Ratig and Multi-engine
Piston Airplane Class Rating

CPL(A) - Privileges:
(a) Privileges. The privileges of the holder of a CPL are, within the appropriate aircraft category,
(1) exercise all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL and a PPL;
(2) act as PIC or co-pilot of any aircraft engaged in operations other than commercial air
(3) act as PIC in commercial air transport of any single-pilot aircraft subject to the restrictions
specified in FCL.060;
(4) act as co-pilot in commercial air transport subject to the restrictions specified in FCL.060.
(b) Conditions. An applicant for the issue of a CPL shall have fulfilled the requirements for the
class or type rating of the aircraft used in the skill test.
Common requirements an applicant for a CPL:

Minimum age - An applicant for a CPL shall be at least 18 years of age;
Conditions - An applicant for a CPL shall demonstrate a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges granted in the following subjects in  
FCL.310 CPL - Theoretical knowledge examinations
Training course - An applicant for a CPL shall have completed theoretical knowledge instruction and flight instruction at an ATO, in accordance with  
Appendix 3 to Part-FCL. An applicant for a CPL shall pass a skill test in accordance with Appendix 4 to Part-FCL to demonstrate the ability to  
perform, as PIC of the appropriate aircraft category, the relevant procedures and manoeuvres with the competency appropriate to the privileges  
Medical Conditions - presence of a medical certificate of the 1st class;

Training course contain:

theoretical training:
An approved course comprise at least 500 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction.
flight operation of the aircraft HIAT-650 in the volume of 34 hours in the classroom;
The flight operation of the Beechcraft 76 Duchess in the amount of 18 hours in the classroom.
flight training:
on the airplane of initial training of HIAT-650 B in the amount of 70 hours;
on the airplane of flight training on the instruments HIAT-650 UT in the volume of 70 hours;
on a multi-engine Beechcraft 76 Duchess in the volume of 10 hours;
on the FNPT II procedural simulator in a volume of 30 hours.

The estimated duration of training is 9-12 months and depends on the weather and the workload of the instructors.

After the completion of the training course and the successful completion Skill Test with the flight examiner, you receive a full package of  
documents for submission to the CCA of Ukraine, on the basis of which the commercial pilot's certificate CPL(A)/IR /ME  will be issued.