A modular training course for obtaining a qualification mark for the instrument flight rules - IR (A)  
on a Single-Engine Piston Land aircraft  (SEP (L)).

IR - General
Except as provided in FCL.825, operations under IFR on an aeroplane, helicopter, airship or  
poweredlift aircraft shall only be conducted by holders of:
(a) a PPL, CPL, MPL and ATPL, and
(b) except when undergoing skill tests, proficiency checks or when receiving dual instruction, an  
IR with privileges appropriate to the applicable airspace requirements and to the category of  
IR - Privileges
(a) The privileges of a holder of an IR are to fly aircraft under IFR, including PBN operations, with a minimum decision height of no less than 200  
feet (60 m)
(b) In the case of a multi-engine IR, these privileges may be extended to decision heights lower than 200 feet (60 m) when the applicant has  
undergone specific training at an ATO and has passed section 6 of the skill test prescribed in Appendix 9 Part-FCL in multi-pilot aircraft.
(c) Holders of an IR shall exercise their privileges in accordance with the conditions established in Appendix 8 Part-FCL.

IR - Prerequisites and crediting
Applicants for an IR shall:
(a) hold:
(1) at least a PPL in the appropriate aircraft category, and:
(i) the privileges to fly at night in accordance with FCL.810, if the IR privileges will be used at night; or
(ii) an ATPL in another category of aircraft; or
(2) a CPL, in the appropriate aircraft category;
(b) have completed at least 50 hours of cross-country flight time as PIC in aeroplanes, TMGs, helicopters or airships, of which at least 10 or, in the  
case of airships, 20 hours shall be in the relevant
aircraft category;

IR - Theoretical knowledge and flight instruction:
(a) Course. Applicants for an IR shall have received a course of theoretical knowledge and flight
instruction at an ATO. The course shall be:
(1) an integrated training course which includes training for the IR, in accordance with Appendix 3 Part-FCL; or
(2) a modular course in accordance with Appendix 6 Part-FCL.
(3) introductory theoretical training on the flight operation of the aircraft HIAT-650 in the amount of 34 hours in the classroom;
(b) Examination. Applicants shall demonstrate a level of theoretical knowledge appropriate to the privileges granted in the following subjects:
- Air Law,
- Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation,
- Flight Planning and Monitoring,
- Human Performance,
- Meteorology,
- Radio Navigation,
- IFR Communications.
(с) flight training:
on the airplane of initial training of HIAT-650 B - 2 hours;
on the airplane for training flights on instruments HIAT-650 YТ - 15 hours (for owners CPL (A) - 10 hours);
on the FNPT II procedure simulator - 35 hours (for owners of CPL (A) - 30 hours).

The estimated duration of training is 5-6 weeks and depends on the weather and the workload of the instructors.

After the completion of the training course and the successful completion Skill Test with the flight examiner, you receive a full package of  
documents for submission to the CCA of Ukraine, on the basis of which in the appendix to the pilot's certificate is entered the qualification  
mark IR.