Common requirements an applicant for a PPL:

Minimum age - An applicant for a PPL shall be at least 17 years of age;
Conditions - Applicants for the issue of a PPL shall have fulfilled the requirements for the class or type rating for the aircraft used in the skill test
Training course - Applicants for a PPL shall complete a training course at an ATO. The course shall include theoretical knowledge and flight instruction appropriate to the privileges given.
Medical Conditions - presence of a medical certificate of the 1st or 2nd class;

Training course contain:
An approved course comprise at least 100 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction.
theoretical training in the flight operation of the aircraft HIAT-650 in the amount of 34 hours in the classroom;
flight training on the airplane of the initial training of HIAT-650 B in a volume of 40 hours.

The estimated duration of training is 5-6 weeks and depends on the weather and the workload of the instructors.

After the completion of the training course and the successful completion Skill Test with the flight examiner, you receive a full package of documents for submission to the CCA of Ukraine, on the basis of which the private pilot's certificate PPL (A) will be issued.
Training course for obtaining private pilot license - PPL (A) - Private Pilot Licence (Airplane)

PPL(A) - Privileges:
(a) The privileges of the holder of a PPL(A) are to act without remuneration as PIC or co-pilot on  
aeroplanes or TMGs engaged in non-commercial operations.
(b) Notwithstanding the paragraph above, the holder of a PPL(A) with instructor or examiner  
privileges may receive remuneration for:
(1) the provision of flight instruction for the LAPL(A) or PPL(A);
(2) the conduct of skill tests and proficiency checks for these licences;
(3) the training, testing and checking for the ratings or certificates attached to this licence.
(c) Continue studying for a licence СPL (A) - Comercial Pilot License (Airplane).